Avocado, Chicken and Bacon wraps

It's time for another recipe. This evening I ate one my favourite meals at the moment, it's super easy to make and fills you right up. Recipe: 1 Avocado 1/2 Lemon 1/2 Red Pepper 1 Red onion 2 pieces of Bacon 1 Chicken breast Salt and Pepper Instructions: You need to cut the chicken into strips … Continue reading Avocado, Chicken and Bacon wraps


Cold Chicken Salad

Eating healthily is an important part of keeping fit. I've decided that I will share photos of my meals and the recipes to go with them. Tonight I had a cold chicken salad, it's easy to make and tastes great. Ingredients: 1 red onion, chopped 2 chicken breasts, cut into small pieces 1 teaspoon of … Continue reading Cold Chicken Salad