Let’s talk… F1 Power Rankings

I was so excited when Liberty Media took over as the owners of F1. I was ready for some exciting changes within the sport, especially online.

Having said that, there is one feature which was introduced this year that I just can’t get behind and that is the F1 Power Rankings.

Now I’ve done the research and I’ve tried so hard to be in favour of it but I just don’t get it. I understand that it’s a chance to see the drivers ranked in an order on their sheer talent and performance. I like that their trying to make it more than just who has the fastest cars but how does it work?

“In a brand-new feature for 2018, our team of experts will assess each driver after every race and rank them according to their performance across the weekend – taking machinery out of the equation. Their scores are then combined to produce an overall ranking.” – F1.com

The thing is, I need a scoring system, what do drivers get awarded scores for? Why is it only a Top 10? Why can’t we see how many points they have in the Power Rankings? And why are they called Power Rankings? Why not Performance Rankings? (Probably because that sounds boring).

It also baffles me that after the Australian GP Kevin Magnussen was first in the rankings and he didn’t even finish but Sebastian Vettel won and he came last in the rankings. Yes Magnussen performed well during qualifying and in the opening laps but how man a driver who missed half a race be at the top?


I have a lot of questions about this new feature and I doubt they’ll get answered but I remain hopeful that as the season progresses it’ll grow on me.

What do you think of the Power Rankings?


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