Formula 1 to take to the streets of London

The Press Association reported that Formula One could take over the streets of London four days before the British Grand Prix on July 12th. According to the report Lewis Hamilton would take a route past Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament. So what do I think?

This is a great opportunity for Formula 1 to attract new fans, in an age where you have to pay extortionate amounts to see a Grand Prix in person or to even watch every one on TV these events need to become more common.

Formula 1 is in a predicament where it is hardly able to hold on to the fans it has, let alone introduce new ones to the sport. With the introduction of a demonstration in London, with one of the biggest names in the sport F1 may be able to draw in people who hadn’t considered F1 before and relight the flame in the current fans.

As well as attracting higher viewing figures it may also sell more British GP tickets, with a display only 4 days before the race people may think it is worth while going along for the GP. However, a demonstration alone isn’t enough.

With Silverstone unsure about it’s ability to hold the British GP in the future so much more has to change other than just a demonstration in London. Pricing of the tickets need to be made more affordable, Silverstone lose money every year and hiking up ticket prices is a way in which they try to combat that. Yet if you raise the prices too high you’ll lose fans altogether. There needs to be a complete overhaul on the way the British GP is run and hopefully with new owners this can be done.

A demonstration in London may also be leading the way to a London street race. Last month (April 2017) a new law was passed which allowed motorsports to take place on public roads in England. This is a huge step towards a London street race and with landmarks which are world famous it could definitely compete with the likes of Melbourne and Monaco.

So after all that, I believe this demonstration which MAY happen in July is an amazing thing for the sport and I truly believe the new F1 owners are doing everything they can to bring the sport back to the popularity it once enjoyed.

What do you think? Will you go to the demonstration and/or are you going to the British Grand Prix? Let me know on twitter @missmotorsport or on Facebook @missmotorsportblog 



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