Hit or Miss – 2017 Livery

Williams FW40 – HIT

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 16.47.16.png

©Williams F1










I love the design Williams have, it’s striking and stand out beautifully against the track and the other cars. It’s a development on the past few years but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sauber C36 – MISS


© Sauber F1

I originally said I like this.. and I do. However, although it is an improvement on the Ikea inspired livery of years past it still doesn’t excite me. The gold is a nice touch for the 25th anniversary but there’s something still missing.

Renault R.S.17 – MISS


© Renault Sport Formula 1 Team










I really can’t work out if I love this or not. It looks as though Renault have mixed a satin finish with a matte one and that’s what is confusing me. I loved their car last year, it wasn’t glossy or matte it definitely had a satin feel to it, plus I loved the colour. I think black is just too safe, they should have stuck with a fully yellow car in my opinion.

Force India VJM10 – MISS


© Sahara Force India

I’m not a fan of the Force India livery, I think they could play up the orange and greens much more – it would make the car exciting. At the moment it feels as if they went for silver for the same reason Renault when for black, it’s safe. Even the 2014 car was more exciting than this.

Mercedes W08 – HIT


© Sutton Images

Mercedes have stayed to with their classic silver arrow look, however this time the Petronas blue seems to pop more. They can’t go wrong by sticking with this look.

Ferrari SF70H – HIT


© Ferrari

Ferrari can’t really put a foot wrong with their iconic design. The blood red car is expected every year and it’s a fan favourite. I like the design on the ‘shark fin’, it’s nice to see it isn’t fully red.

McLaren MCL32 – MISS


© McLaren

I’m a McLaren fan but as you can see that hasn’t made me biased. I was really hoping they’d return to orange and I’m so glad they did I just wish they left the black behind. I’m bored of cars blending into the track and although the orange will stop that I’m still not a fan. It’s not beautiful and I so wish it was.

Red Bull RB13 – HIT


© David Clerihew/Red Bull

I’m a big fan of the matter finish on the Red Bull however I am slightly bored of the same livery being produced again and again. It would be nice to see them move away from sponsor heavy livery (although I did just say I liked Williams’) and have them produce something like their 2015 winter testing livery.

Toro Rosso STR12 – HIT


© Toro Rosso

YES! I love this livery! They have moved away from recent years and come into a new era of F1 with a car to suit it. I love the contrast between the blue and the red, plus the silver pops against the glossy blue. This car will stand out on the field and catch the eye as the sun bounces from it.

Haas VF17 – MISS

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 18.07.07.png

© Haas F1 (twitter)

I just don’t like the Haas livery, once again I feel like it’ll just blend into the track too much. The bursts of red are nice but other than that it just falls flat for me.

So there we go, 5 hits and 5 misses. Let me know whether you disagree with my thoughts or what your favourite livery is in the comments below or on Twitter/Facebook.



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