2017 Goals

I decided to set some goals for the 2017 season, the idea behind it is that it will push me to get the most out of this blog. Some of the goals I may achieve and some I may not, I’m not too worried if I don’t. I’m sharing them with you because I want this to be a journey we go on together.


  • 1000 followers on Twitter
    This is quite a big goal but it’s achievable, we’ve got until November and I’m focused on getting this blog out there. If you want to help me with this follow me on Twitter and share my posts.
  • 1000 like on Facebook
    It’s the same as my Twitter goal really, social media is an integral part of blogging so that’s why they’re my first two goals. Hit that like button on Facebook.
  • 100 views per Youtube video
    Ideally I’d like this to be higher as I know I can get it higher but this is a realistic goal for now. Some of my videos have already surpassed this number so hopefully they’ll increase as time goes on.
  • Upload 1 vlog every Grand Prix weekend
    It won’t necessarily be me reacting to the race, it may be following me around for the weekend but there will be a video uploaded every GP weekend. There may be more here and there but that’s what I have to stick by.
  • Upload 3 blog posts a week
    This one I’m worried about, it’s definitely achievable but there’s a lot of commitment that needs to be made. The posts will vary from F1 news, race reports, personal log posts among other things.
  • Live tweet the GPs
    I don’t have Sky Sports because I’m a poor student so unfortunately I’ll only be able to listen to most of the races but I want to be more interactive with my readers so I’m going to try and tweet throughout the Grand Prix. Some weekends I may not be able to but on the whole I’ll try.
  • Go to a D2BD event
    I went to one last year and it was so much fun, I met some amazing people and some incredible young girls wanting to be engineers, photographers, journalists and drivers. It was such a positive experience and I can’t wait to see what happens with it this year.
  • Interview a driver
    I’d really like to interview a driver this year, any discipline. I’m really interested in developing my video skills and I’d love to do profile videos on people within motorsport, this is a step forward into doing that.
  • Go to a race day
    I usually go to the British GP but I can’t afford to this year and I’m really going to miss that so I need to fill that hole. I would love to go to a race weekend in any discipline. I’ve been to a couple of BTCC race days and loved it so I want to broaden my range of motorsports.
  • Be published again
    I was so incredibly lucky to be given the chance to write for Formula Life last year and loved doing it. I really want to add to my portfolio so when I’ve graduated I am ready to work. I’m starting to look at marketing and PR but nothing gets me as excited as submitting an article about a sport I love so I really want to continue doing this.

That’s pretty much it, I may add more as I think of them but they are the plans so far, I can’t wait to share the journey with you all and grow on the success the blog had last year.fullsizeoutput_101a

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