All star line up

The new line up for Formula 1 on Channel 4 has been announced so, today I’m going to look at who they’ve picked, why they’ve picked them and what I think of the decisions. I warn you now, there’s a lot of them to get through.

Steve Jones


Jones has been picked to be the lead presenter on Channel 4’s coverage. He is the former T4 presenter amongst other shows. Out of all the presenter Channel 4 have chosen, Jones is the only one without any experience in F1 and although he has said he’s “beyond excited” to be presenting, it makes me wonder how well he can present such a complex sport.

David Coulthard


You either love him or you hate him, there’s no two ways about it. Coulthard is an obvious choice for Channel 4 and he will co present with Steve Jones. He is an experienced presenter as well as an ex F1 driver, this means he will more than make up for the lack of knowledge Jones brings to the coverage. He will also be co commentating for Channel 4. I’m sure he’ll bring just as many controversial topics to this coverage as he did on the BBC.

Mark Webber


A fan favourite for sure, Mark Webber joins the team to give expert analysis. He’ll be part of the rotating team and not on screen full time with Coulthard and Jones. Mark Webber brings with him 13 years of experience in F1 as well as his world champion title in the World Endurance Championship. I’m a fan of this choice, he’s friendly, comes across well on camera and has a lot of knowledge – good choice Channel 4.

Alain Prost


There is no escaping that this is an excellent choice. He is a four time world champion and knows what he’s talking about. Arguably one of the most famous names in F1 history, Prost will bring a sense of prestige to the line up as one of their rotating special analysts. It’s clear from my response to this choice that I very much approve of having Prost as part of their rotating line up.

Susie Wolff


My gender may make me slightly biased but Susie is my favourite choice out of all the team. She’ll work like Webber as an expert analyst as well as doing a few special features behind the wheel. After retiring from the sport at the end of the 2015 season she has set up Dare To Be Different and her role on Channel 4 is bound to inspire more young girls to take part in the sport.

Eddie Jordan


There’s no keeping them apart, Eddie Jordan will once again team up with David Coulthard to have some more ‘heated discussions’. He’ll take part in covering some of the races, bringing his expert knowledge from owning an F1 team with him. As well as this he will be part of the new Top Gear line up on BBC.

Lee McKenzie


Lee McKenzie is one of my favourite interviewers for F1, she knows exactly what to ask the drivers to keep the fans happy. Over the years she’s developed a great relationship with the drivers. From the pit lane to the paddock McKenzie will be there covering it all. She is the only full time female on the team and has moved from the BBC, like Jordan and Coulthard.

Karun Chandhok


Karun will be Channel 4’s technical expert. He brings the knowledge to do the role from his time as a driver in F1, 24 hr Le Mans and Formula E. It’s safe to say Karun is fully qualified to be interviewing team bosses and examining pit stops during the race.

Ben Edwards


Ben Edwards is returning to be the lead commentator for Channel 4’s coverage. After a short career in motorsport he decided he’d be better behind the microphone and that’s where you’ll find him this season. He’ll be working along side David Coulthard keeping us up to date with what’s happening on track.

Jolyon Palmer


It’s his rookie season in F1 driving for Renault Sport this year and along side the pressures of that he will be writing about his experience for Channel 4. He will give an in depth look at how he is finding his first year in the sport. Palmer is Britain’s new hope and I wish him luck with his career in F1.

Murray Walker


You didn’t read that wrong, yes he’s back. The man himself, Murray Walker, is returning to the F1 world after he retired from the commentary box in 2001. Channel 4 will be sending Walker off to interview the current F1 drivers. It’s exciting to have Murray Walker back in the F1 world and I’m so glad he is a part of this line up.

Bruno Senna


A favourite with all the fans, Bruno Senna will be joining the Channel 4 team for special features. He has nothing but experience to bring, not only has he himself competed in three seasons of Formula 1, he also takes part in the World Endurance Championship and the Formula E Championship. He is also the nephew of the world famous Aryton Senna, this means he grew up living and breathing motorsport, meaning Bruno will bring a wealth of knowledge to the team.

So there you have it, the Channel 4 F1 line up. There’s a lot of them and they all bring something unique to the coverage. I worry about the rotating nature of the team but I’m hoping for Channel 4’s sake it works. I have one big issue with the line up, I’m not in it – oh well, maybe next year.

Copyright for all the photos belongs to Channel 4.

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