Drivers “saddened” by F1

Can it be true? Are the drivers now realising F1 is on a downturn? Is this really happening? Unfortunately the answer to all three of those questions is yes. With F1 testing comes a time for drivers to be interviewed and asked about how they feel on current topics in F1. From the new qualifying to the ‘halo’ drivers are speaking out on all subjects and some of their answers may be hard to hear.

With the changes a foot in F1 some drivers aren’t entirely happy and as I’ve said in previous articles they have been quite vocal about it. Lewis Hamilton is one of the latest drivers to voice his opinions, he has even said F1 is “broken and lacking direction”. For someone who is currently the face of F1 it doesn’t sound great. When asked about the new halo design he said, “Please, no!” and, argued it is “the worst F1 modification in history”. He added, “I appreciate the quest for safety but this is Formula 1, and the way it is now is perfectly fine”.

Fernando Alonso has said that “the complexity of the rules for the spectator is quite high”, this is a valid point. Nowadays it can be hard to follow the meticulous rules F1 has. Trying to keep track of all the flag meanings is a chore in itself.

As previously quoted on this blog Nico Hulkenberg has been extremely vocal about his distaste for the new halo design and has argued that single seaters have always been open and it should remain so. He says, like Hamilton, that drivers need to accept the risk.

Two drivers opposing Hulkenberg and Hamilton are Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg. They have both said they are in favour of the halo design if it means the sport is safer for it’s drivers. This shows that our grid this year is split. Adding to the split in opinion not only with the halo design but also with the qualifying, Segio Perez has said some drivers are “not in favour of (the) qualifying revamp” but with the FIA approving the new elimination qualifying will we be waving good bye to some of our drivers?


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