Drivers speak out on new qualifying

Earlier this week I posted a podcast on the new qualifying layout in F1 (if you haven’t listened to that then go do that before reading on). Well now there have been updates, most notably Lewis Hamilton speaking out on how the qualifying changes will effect his chances of winning, or lack of effect.

Hamilton spoke out saying that the changes that the FIA are considering will have little effect in F1. He didn’t see how there is much difference to the old qualifying layout. This is true, the only real difference is that drivers will be asked to leave during the qualifying sessions, rather than at the end.

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull’s driver, was in agreement with Hamilton, he once again said that he didn’t see how it would really change the qualifying. Unlike Hamilton though he did speak out saying he could see that it would change drivers and team’s tactics. The new format means instead of having 2 or 3 warm up laps in qualifying, they could only really afford to have one, before they started laying down competitive times.

Not all drivers agree with Hamilton though with Felipe Massa having a completely different view. He told the press that the new plans would course “chaos”. Massa told the BBC that he wasn’t sure if he liked the new layout yet, and that he needed time to sit down and fully understand the new rules.

This is all happening in amongst the big rule changes coming in 2017, it seems the FIA are trying to completely change modern Formula 1, this may be due to the decline in fans or it may be because F1 is due a complete change, however we have to remember that the last big turn around in rules and regulations only came two years ago, in 2014.

What do you feel about the new qualifying format? Do you want to know about the changes coming in 2017? Let me know on twitter, @MissMotorsport , on Facebook, Miss Motorsport , or comment on this article.

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