Importance of staying fit

I suffer with a lot of reoccurring health problems, from rib issues to foot problems I’ve had it all. However, I’m still eager to stay fit and healthy as this insures I can perform to my absolute best.

After finishing secondary school I no longer did P.E and therefore started gaining a small amount of weight. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago I realised that if I stayed fit, I was more likely to concentrate while working.

Fast forward to the start of this year and I decided my new years resolution was to exercise everyday, this didn’t work. I started well and did a 30 day fitness challenge but started thinking of reasons why I couldn’t do the exercise.

I now have problems with my ribs which makes exercising even harder, but after consultation with my doctor we decided that building muscle in that area and getting generally fitter would help my recovery. I now carry out a few exercises a day that build strength in my core and raise my fitness levels, once that is sorted I will once again start running.

The reason for starting the Life Blog section of my Miss Motorsport was to track the progress of this and inspire others to get fit. The Life Blog also has aspects for my karting, this is another reason to build muscle and get my fitness up – I want to achieve my best in everything I do and that includes this blog, university and my hobbies.


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